The result is the best of all possibilities. Worth the chance it won’t is up to you. Buy Acronis , or at least try it for free and test if it works properly with your hardware set to AHCI. An Explorer window will open where you can select a driver path, as illustrated below. Version 11 is not compatible with windows 7. When would you need to add another driver?

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Worth the chance it won’t is up to you.

2711: Transferring a System from IDE to SATA Hard Disk and Vice Versa

This will display the Properties window. There are a few instances, but a common example is the use of a hard disk RAID array. Restore this back up to a new disk.

An Explorer window will open where you can select a driver path, as illustrated below. Save this Notepad to an easily remembered location so it can be retrieved when creating the Recovery Media.

In our example, we find: If not can you provide a link where I can upgrade my Abci Image to a version that will work in this situation.

How can we verify that the driver file was added? Acronis True Image 9. We will use this name and the Command prompt to locate the driver. Your screen should match the screenshot below.


Version 11 is not compatible with windows 7. Clone vs Backup If you switch in the bios and get a BSOD as a result, switch back to where you can boot in Windows and then run the Microosfot coversion tool: These are the instructions: To start a clean aronis space, you can clear the command prompt window by typing cls and pressing the Enter key. In our example, we find that the Original name of our Storage Controller driver is iastorac. ATIH is compatible with windows 7.

Boot system from CD, make back up. On this screen select the WinPE-based media.

In our example, we find:. The path will appear in the Notepad. I saw somewhere that a different build would resolve this problem but there are no updates listed when I try that either.

If you’re unable to use the microsoft tool for some reason, then you just need to run Acronis Universal Restore to generalize the hardware acrobis and then it should boot.

He brings over 30 years of experience as an enthusiast and custom computer builder with a passion for data handling and storage. As you can see, our command shows the path to the driver file location in the Windows Driver Store File Repository.


AHCI Interface Support in Acronis Products | Knowledge Base

As you can see in the graphic above, there are four Storage Controllers on this computer. Difference between Backup and Disk Clone: The other issue here is that TI Why are they doing it?

Click on the Details tab of the Properties window and select Inf name from the drop-down menu under Property. Press the Enter key and the utility will produce a list of all device drivers on your computer, as illustrated below. To see more of the Command Prompt window than what is illustrated above, right-click the Command Prompt title bar and select Properties. If there are any errors, you will see them here.