Is it me or is there like no one using Momo here? Which 7″ inch tablet did u buy? I don’t have it but might get 1. All I have to go on is what is written on the backcase and inside the actual tablet. Bypass SafetyNet with Xposed framework installed , is possible?

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Momo 11 Bird Edition Hi all, I just got my hand on the Momo11 bird edition locally about a week back. Sorry for all these questions but my head is spinning from all these burd info since I got my hands on the tablet: Was told that Momo’s signal is slightly weaker compared to Gemei G9 f Purchased an iPad 1 case – will need to cut here and there for the connections, e.

How much u paid for it if u bought elsewhere? Still figuring how to punch a hole for the back camera Will update more findings as I get more mileage with the tablet. After which, it will need to be sent back to the supplier via 2 options, i.

Tablets Ployer MOMO11 Bird – description, specifications, prices on Tablets

The one supplied is of fair quality only, so may want to change. You have a Momo or planning to get one? XDA Labs Labs is an independent app store that gives developers full control over their work. The thing is that this specific model seem to be spoken of very lightly on the internet and there’s been alot of missinformation regarding the actual model namethe CPU and the kernel Laggy in terms of scrolling, webpage loading.


In terms of scrolling between pages and apps – none. Just need to plug to the travel adapter and you’re in business.

Why do you suggest SetCPU to be below and suggest ? I tried with my home PCs, may try it on my office PC next week. About a year back I bought this ub second-hand, No box, no cords, no manual, nothing.

You have any pointers on this? Important Forum Advisory Note. Calling for fellow momi11 of Momo11 to come here to share your experience. You seem to be collecting tablets as a hobby?

Can charge also via USB but think may take ages. After digging on the internet for what feels like forever, I now am almost entirely certain that I have successfully found the ACTUAL model in my possession.

Help with “Ployer momo11 III” Allwinner A31s – Bricked

I found a few, e. Fukuno provided a 7 days exchange.

G9 could uses Momo11, Eken I can try to simulate later. I’m a newbie, so will this be an overkill? Sadly, comparing it to the Momo, sadly it’s becoming like an expensive paper weight!


Which 7″ inch tablet did u buy? All I have to go on is what is written on the backcase and inside the actual tablet.

If based on my current usage, I have not experienced any lag. What are the other benefits of rooting besides being able to have a free hand with the tablet? Normally, should be a 4.

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